Soapstone & Copper Sauté Pan
Soapstone & Copper Sauté Pan
Soapstone & Copper Sauté Pan

Soapstone & Copper Sauté Pan

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The Soapstone & Copper Sauté Pan is perfect for stir-fry, quiche, frittatas, tarts, lasagna, and much more. It cooks with little or no oil, making the taste of the food naturally come forth. 

Once the right temperature is reached, just a low flame is needed to keep it constant. Soapstone cookware maintains the heat acquired on the stove for a long time, so your food will stay warm.

  • Materials: Soapstone and copper
  • Made entirely of recycled materials
  • Every piece is individually handmade
  • Size: Medium—8.7" x 2.4"; large—11.8" X 2.4"
  • Designed in Italy

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